When I first read the Facebook message from my friend, Sue Krebs, I was thinking it was like a chain letter. LOL! I didn’t want to add more things to my to-do list, but I love new opportunities, fun stuff, stretching myself, and Sue, so I thought…sure. Then I procrasta-blogged (procrastinated blogging like I do cleaning).

What am I working on/writing?

I’m so excited to be launching a four week teleclass called the Self-Love Boat August 6th with my friend Kim Schwartz. You can sign up here for our email list:


I’m also coming out with my first non-fiction book in September. I have so many writings and even more that will come through me. I’m open to even more possibilities. I’m a big dreamer, but want to appreciate each and every day for the miracle it is.

How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre?

I have no idea. I don’t do comparison or competition. With my writing, fitness coaching, one-on-one intuitive sessions, workshops, or whatever, there is no one else like me. We’re all uniquely awesome. That’s what I focus on. I write for me.

Why do I write what I do?

To express my truth, let my creative juices flow, and to tap into the Divine genius, that brilliance that lives in all of us. Writing both fiction and non-fiction is my passion. I love to uplift, inspire, and empower others. I love to write so I just let my thoughts out, no agenda to force my opinion on others, but just share my perspective. It’s part of my life’s purpose.

How does my writing process work?

When I get in the zone, I’m on fire. I sweat, bleed, breathe words. They just flow. I stay out of judgement or what others will think because it’s my opinion. You can’t argue with my experience. It’s an enfoldment, a blooming, a birthing…each blog, post, book, or even sentence.


Who is Sue Krebs?

Passionate about many things, Sue Krebs is a consummate lover of life. Her desire for personal growth has propelled her into many areas of personal exploration and creative expression. She is a master Reiki practitioner and an Akashic Record consultant. She plays with singing bowls and collects crystals. She loves photography and the written word and often combines those talents on her Facebook page Soul Speaking which has grown to include more than 1.7 million followers in just over two years.
Driven to understand herself at a core and authentic level, Sue has always turned to writing to give meaning to her experiences and to bring clarity to her responses. She continues to write both for herself and to share her journey with others. While passionate about writing, she loves even more to connect deeply with others on their own journey of self-exploration and understanding.
Sue lives in a rural area just outside of a major metropolitan area in central Minnesota. She is a wife of 20 years and mom to three teen-aged boys. She spends her some of her spare time reading, gardening and riding her motorcycle. You can connect with Sue through her blog at https://www.suekrebs.wordpress.com or her FB page Soul Speaking (www.fb.com/SoulSpeaking).

I asked three of my friends to join me…


Who is Sheree Keys?

Sheree is a mother of four, bestselling author, inspirational speaker, activist, painter and the CEO of the ShereeKeys.com, Intuition Institute™ and the Network Building Academy™, her companies have over 75,000 women subscribers, followers, and members.
Sheree speaks to worldwide audiences inspiring them with her story of survival and triumph. She was the only child of a mentally ill and often homeless mother and left at age 17 to work her way through two college degrees and eventually building a multiple seven figure business while raising four children.
Sheree was recently named as the #12 most influential woman on Twitter. Sheree has appeared on CBS, NBC, FOX, San Antonio Living, NPR, and featured in many business publications including “Women Entrepreneur” and she was featured on the cover of “DARE Magazine” twice (along with other strong and brilliant women like Olivia Newton John, Jane Fonda, Pink and many more).

Visit her at http://www.shereekeys.com or http://www.intuition-institute.com or http://www.networkbuildingacademy.com.


Who is Theresa Byrne?

Theresa Byrne B.A, CMT has aligned with her superpowers and wants to help others use them to make the world a better place. She’s a Power Broker, a nationally televised self-defense expert, speaker, a 4th degree Master Black Belt and owner of a martial arts center in Denver. Her first book, “InPower: a Guide to Helping You Unleash Your Superpowers” has received acclaim (her mom really likes it). You can follow Theresa at http://www.TheresaByrne.com or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/theresatkd or @theresabyrne on Twitter.


Who is Kelly Barton?

Kelly Barton is a mixed media artist and graphic designer who brings sass to her home base of middle Indiana. Most days you will find her in the studio with music playing and colors flying. She is inspired by the inner-workings of a girl’s nutty mind and believes that growing up girl is enough inspiration for any artist. Kelly’s creations can bring out the joyful rebel in any person or space.
For the last several years, Kelly’s been teaching art workshops and classes about creative living both online and in-person, including at the Be Present Retreats and Squam Art Workshops.

come say hello at: https://www.kellybarton.com

shop at: https://www.kellybarton.etsy.com

little pockets filled with color and flare.
days ago. dancing in this girl’s memory.
simple. lemonade summers. hot chocolate winters.
this girl telling those stories she collected
and stuffed deep in her pockets.
believer of the simple.
maker of the color.
owner of the laughter.
teller of the story.

growing up. girl.


Don’t I know some cool chicks!!!!!!


xoxo, Jenny G. P. (Goddess Princess) 😉