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Self-love for people who are tired of self-help books

Do you feel like everyone around you has a perfect life and you’re just playing pretend trying to keep up with them (especially after reading their posts about their “awesome” life on Facebook)?

Have you read all of the self-help books, only to wonder why your life still looks the same after you’ve finished reading?

Join our LIVE webinar where we’ll share three surprising tools that took us from two unhappy, discouraged, anxious, self-doubting moms to passionate, fun-loving, energetic women/moms who love their lives and wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Here’s How This Will Webinar Will Benefit You:

1. We’ll teach you how to reign in your thoughts before they run wild (you know, those negative things you say to yourself every day that are wreaking havoc in your life).

2. We’ll show you the power of words and how they influence your job, your friendship, your marriage and how you parent your children.

3. We’ll share an exercise you can use to start your day off with a happy vibe (instead of having that mean girl in your head scream at you for not being good enough). No more waking up already out of steam.

Plus, we’ll do a one minute mediation that you can do anywhere to instantly transform your mood, remove anxiety and help you have more control over your happiness, no matter what is happening around you.

Do you want to like yourself? Maybe even LOVE yourself? Do you want to LOVE your life?

Click to register for our FREE live webinar and learn how to FINALLY have the life you always wanted!