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I’m a Spring soul.   I was born in May.  It’s no wonder. The Divine Creator sent me onto the Earth just in time for the flowers to bloom.  I still squeal with delight each new season.

As a mother, I live in a practical way, but my soul yearns and stirs in its eternal gypsy mystic goddess space.  Each springtime awakens the two parts that dwell within me, playful girl who loves, and the wild one, who is powerful. 

The playful girl smells the flowers and is excited, just full of possibilities for fun, open heart, full of smiles, and loves to be around people.  The wild one is different.  She feels the flowers as if they speak to her.  She could be a loner, or just want to be with a lover, or gather with a few friends, keep her circle small and sacred.   
The wild one is a wildflower.  She comes out of hibernation, ready to run around naked, not with her body, but with her soul.  She needs freedom and time alone in nature and with our words.  I tried to contain her, to conform her, confine her, domesticate her and she rebelled.  I was afraid of her darkness and unpredictability. Even greater than that, she was afraid we’d suffocate her completely. . .snuff out her enchantment and sensual charms and die a slow death of normal.  I thought she was crazy and reckless. and at times, she was.  She was mad as hell and needed to use her voice.  She didn’t care if others understood her.  That broken wing, that darkness I thought I saw in her many dark night of the soul times was an awakening to her greatness.  I never knew her brilliance.  She blew me away when I stepped out of her way.  Her passion, potential, and purity was endless.  She’s magic.  That fire goddess woman has taught me so much.  I thought the playful girl took care of the wild one, but I was wrong.  All along, that wild one knew we were always alright, but we couldn’t be caged and until we began to fly again, we would always feel like we were playing roles.  Now, they are all me.  This Spring is brand new, this time we breathe truth and speak what dwells in our heart as we dance in the shadows and the light.