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To be a woman building a business, going after her dreams, being outspoken, and unapologetically beautiful and badass…you must make self-love your foundation.  Those that don’t like you to play big will think you’re a snob, if you don’t have time to get back to them.  They’ll think that you think you’re better than them, just for shining bright and not needing their approval or input.   They’ll think you’re pushy, if you’re focused and tenacious.  They’ll think your delusion, if you think outside of the box.  They’ll think you’re ridiculous and high-maintenance, if you are a stickler for details and having things done your way.  They may want to throw stones with their words, out of envy, jealousy, or fear that you just might actualize your goals and they were afraid to ask the Universe and dare to receive all the good stuff.   They may think you are a bitch.  They may think you are crazy. . .like they’re the worst things you can be.  Let ’em think.  Keep soaring, cause no one can clip your wings, except you. You are a Woman on Fire.

To be a Woman on Fire means you light the fire under people’s asses, unintentionally.  You rattle their cage. You shake the ground under them. They realize the time is now as they see you blazing a new trail.  In this powerful force of nature that you are, you’re transmuting the old with your passion and Light.  Those that don’t know that they also have a Light with, or that combined with passion, we are UNSTOPPABLE. . .will be terrified deep down at the possibility that they might be wrong, that they’ll lose something.  Quite the contrary.  Women on Fire are peaceful warriors-joy badasses-love ninjas who own their contradictions. We don’t need to be right or for others to agree. It’s not our goal.  It’s freedom, happiness, and living their truth. 

Whenever someone trips you up, obstacles seek to stop you dead in your tracks, or there’s a limbo phase where you seek clarity on you next move, center in this picture. Imagine all the changemaker women that have ever lived, those that fought for our rights to vote, that secretly taught women to read and shoot and own their strength. Close your eyes and see all of the Women on Fire holding hands forming a circle with you in the middle. They are sending you love and support, a “You got this, Girl” with their eyes and hearts. You’re reassured by this thought that we are all in this together, on a soul level you see competition dissolves and this Goddess energy is a soft strong, like when you give birth, there’s an ebb and flow, a softening/ripening, before we can reach that epic place where we push with all of our beings, so something can be born. Timing is key. Relaxing into the process and trusting makes the whole damn, beautiful thing easier. You feel like you’re being broken open and that you can’t go on, you’ve given it your all, and you have nothing left. That you can’t do it. In your primal recesses, your badass goddess within, knows and gives you a signal to remind you how many women have come before you and did this. That being a women, by birthright, means YOU can do it. Your Woman on Fire steps and gives that last magical surge to get you to the finish line. And magic is born.

This is not just about being able to physically birth a child or that we’re better than men, it’s the knowing what feminine power means. Equal beings all across the planet is what all of us women want. That’s all. As a Woman on Fire, I am saying #bringbackourgirls. They are Women on Fire. Don’t fear us. Let’s join together and make the world even more awesome. I’m picturing all of those girls in the circle and all of us Women on Fire, through all time and space surrounding them, celebrating their safety, freedom, and well being. They are us. Blessings to all.