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There’s a time to let it go and a time to hold on for dear life.  It’s like spiritual common sense, we tend to forget. 

Let go of attachment and hold onto your intention. 
Let go of grudges and hold onto your truth. 
Let go of blocks and hold onto focus.
Let go of indecision and hold onto certainty.
Let go of confusion and hold onto clarity.
Let go of feelings of lack and hold onto ones of abundance.
Let go of thoughts of limitations and hold onto creative ideas.
Let go of drama and hold into peace. 
Let go of what brings you down and hold onto what lifts you up. 
Let go of what makes you feel bad and hold onto what makes you feel good. 
Let go of what no longer serves you and hold onto what adds to your journey. 
Let go of the victim story and hold onto the dream. 
Let go of negativity and hold onto positivity. 
Let go of low vibes and how onto high vibes. 
Let go of all the BS, nonsense, and crap that means nothing and hold onto joy. That’s what we’re here for. 
Let go of any fear and hold into love.  It’s what you are.

What is your soul telling you? Your feelings will lead the way. Past the emotions that come and go, like an ebb and flow, is a stillness. It’s where knowing lives. It is the wisdom of all that is. This infinite awesome is inside of you. Trust that. Let go of any lies or tricks that tell you otherwise and hold onto God. Get real quiet. This Higher Power, Source, Universe, Love & Light is Divinely divided into all things, but not separate. You are the answer you’re looking for.

Nothing is holding you back, but the story you’re telling yourself. No matter what you say, the Universe hears your energy. Let it be free and light, grace and gratitude, inviting in even more goodness. It’s time. You’re ready. Experience life through the eyes of trust. Namaste, sweet peaches!