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This whole loss stuff can drive you bonkers with the right way to do it. Maybe it’s a hamster wheel you’ve been on forever. I’ve been there. I don’t do fad diets. I have. I did the low carb and lost my weight. . .and my sense of humor and mind for a little while. It can be a delicate balance. What I can say for sure is too much sugar is no bueno. It won’t make you feel good. Be choosey about your food, not out of restriction or making it “bad,” but rather out of love for yourself. This sometimes feels like a salad, while other times will feel like a piece of chocolate. I’m a vibe snob and a chocolate snob too. I don’t just want any chocolate. I love to find organic, pure, rich ones made with good ingredients. This makes me feel good and it’s a win-win. No guilty hangover afterwards. If I do have traditional candy from the store, I will feel sugar overload. When I was overweight I was eating a container of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch in one siting after dinner. I was having panic attacks too, which I think relate to sugar, caffeine, among some energy type things. Your taste can really change. I don’t do artificial sweeteners, but I love stevia and monk fruit from Sugar in the Raw. I am all about quality versus quantity in many aspects of life. It is so cliché to say, but it’s really about making it your lifestyle. It’s a love lifestyle. We’ll call it weight love from now on.

I advocate self-love above all. I promote loving yourself exactly how you are. How does this exist if I am doing the Beach body coaching and giving advice on losing weight. People constantly ask me for it. They want to know how to lose weight from someone who used to weight sixty more pounds than they do now and did it without surgery. This is an opportunity for me to cheer them on and guide them to wellness. I want everyone to love themselves and feel good on every level. I drink Shakeology and think protein shakes are great for me because I want something fast and nutritious. As a vegetarian, I want to have protein at each meal still. It is not about skipping a meal. It is a meal for me. I’ll add fruit or peanut butter to it sometimes. I love all the vitamins and superfoods in it. I do T25 and 21-Fix Workouts because they are short and action packed. I can’t spend hours in a gym and it’s a waste for me to pay for a gym if I wasn’t going there everyday. I don’t do thin, I do fit. I’m here to assist those who want to get fit. Fit has a fierce energy, doesn’t it. I want others to feel the empowerment that comes along with finishing a workout, feeling their body firm up and slim down, and getting more endurance and stamina. This can be so fun! I don’t do no pain, no gain. I do let’s do this! Let’s rock this! You got this!

This stuff works and I have tons of experience in losing weight in the healthy and unhealthy way. I’ll be sharing tips, advice, and being the cheerleader in a Facebook group I am creating for those who sign up for Beach Body through me. I’m not for gimmicks. I’m sharing what I’m doing. Do what’s best for you. But if you want to come play with me and do this weight love thing, here’s the way.

If you want to sign up as a customer or a coach under me: http://www.teambeachbody.com/jennygperry